a brief History of The Soul Shaker i.e. Fredi & The Soul Shakers, The Fabulous Soul Shakers & Ray...




 The group originally  started as The Johnson Brothers in the late 80's. An all original 7 piece band playing a style of R&B that had mixtures of Rock, Funk, Acoustic, Latin...needless to say a most eclectic group. Oh did I mention we had a Record Deal? Yes we did, with an Austrian company that soon, after our signing, went out of business...something to do with the IRS...?


But I digress... So now you have 7 musicians who no longer have a record contract but are in need of $$$...oh what to do? Well like many a musician before us we went back to playing Night Clubs, which meant playing covers of other artists material. After a    few changes (including the name) we arrive at The Rhythm House, a fine little band playing R&B, Soul and a lot of Blues. The Rhythm House had a great time playing small R&B rooms and an occasional wedding or fair. But still the money was not as good as one would like.

 Well, one night while playing the Sky Line Cafe (one of our favorite haunts) our trumpet player at the time had asked a friend of his to come down to see the show. Enter one Miss Frederica Johnson. I was shortly introduces to the lovely Ms Johnson and asked her if she sang and would she like to come up and do a song or two....A few months later we changed the name to Fredi & The Soul Shakers.

 A little note here, Fredi was not the first female singer we had. We tried a few...one evan lasted for an entire show:)  About 2005 Fredi took a break and we had the great fortune of working with a wonderful person & singer, Ray. That was a fun and exciting year. Thanks Ray Ray!!!

That was a long time ago and with the retirement of our friend & singer,Fredi, it's time to move the Soul Shaker to newer musical places. We do hope you'll join us on our new musical adventure!!!